Geeks and Crustaceans

So, here we go! –Geek Week on YouTube is AWESOME – Check it out! -I’m looking Crabstikz at the minute, I never realized how nervous he actually is before o.o –Miles Kane and Tom Odell tickets came in the post yesterday ❤ -The girl I liked asked me out and I said yes -My hair … Continue reading

YouTube Geek Week

Well wow guys. Been a while. Haha. This was too awesome for just another update-type-thing… Crabstikz Quiz Show: Geek Week Edition This sort of got me out from lurking in the shadows of Geek Week and I realized there’s like badges and everything you can earn (I THINK you have to have a YouTube account) … Continue reading

System reset

Gonna reset the plays on itunes after this song. Are you getting enough (professor green & miles kane) managed to overtake Antivist (bmth) in a few hours after the screen shot haha x 

Guess who’s back.

So I haven’t really been on the internet for a while really, been focussing on Xbox and Itunes. My boyfriend broke up with me while I was on the bus home yesterday which was awkward. On a plus note, I have tickets to see both Miles Kane and Tom Odell in October 😀 I thought … Continue reading

30 Day Album Challenge – Day 30

IT’S OVER AT LAST. There are many albums that can make me cry though… Probably ummmm American Idiot purely because of the memory of one day listening to Wake Me Up When September ends and crying so hard and not being able to stop. My favourite song from that album is probably Give Me Novocaine… … Continue reading